Tyre Management

TTIPL Industrial & Mining Tyre Service & Management

A leading OTR Tyre Management solution provider, Tyre Technocrats(India) Pvt. Ltd. (TTIPL) is revolutionizing and redefining the way of total tyre management solutions. TTIPL is providing it's best services to most of the giant players in the mining industry with its strong competencies in the tyre management system and having 30 number of tyre management projects across India and Africa. TTIPL is headquartered at Udaipur in India, having its Regional Offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Ranchi.

Tyre Management

TTIPL's extensive range of tyre management service equipments are backed by its technical R&D for more than two decades of expertise are designed to ensure optimum performance, lower cost on account of tyre for the customers.

TYRE TECHNOCRAT'S on-site and Maintenance teams provides round-the-clock service for mine together for every aspect of the Site Tyre Operation including Tyre Selection, Mine and Haul Road Design / Maintenance guidelines, Tyre Repair with Warranty Management, Condition Monitoring and Analyzing Performance, Reporting, along with routine workshop functions of Tyre Stripping and Fitting, Mounting & Dismantling, Tyre/Brand Matching and Pressure Management with Nitrogen filling.

  • Increases the Mine Site Profitability
  • TTIPL Minimize Tyre Costs through Best Management System and Team
  • TTIPL Maximize Equipment Availability and Service Life of Tyres
  • TTIPL Reduce Management and Maintenance Cost
  • TTIPL Enhance Efficiency through Continuous Improvement and Training
  • TTIPL Maintain the highest possible Quality, Safely and Environmental Standards
  • TTIPL Reduce Tyre Related Down-Time with an On-Site Tyre Maintenance Team (24/7)
  • TTIPL Minimize New Tyre Replacements with an On-Site Tyre Repair Facility (24/7)
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management
Tyre Management

Tyre Management Tyre Management Systems – Tyre Technocrats India (Private) Limited

Tyre Technocrats India (Private) Limited (TTIPL) offers Total Tyre Management Services to all the HEMM equipment for Large Mining Operations Globally.
These services include but are not limited to the following; OTR Tyre Bay Management, OTR Tyre Retreading (Up to 57" Tyres), On-Site OTR Tyre Repairs, OTR Tyre Maintenance Services, OTR Tyre Mounting and Demounting from Equipment & Wheel Assemblies, Tyre Management Software ideally formatted for each Specific Mine Site, OTR Tyre Tracking & Records all integrated to Reduce OTR Operational Tyre Costs and Increase the Overall OTR Tyre Life.
End users are looking for a Total Tyre Service Package coupled to a Professional Retread & RepairService and New Tyre Supply Facility. In fact, a vast majority no longer handles its own tyres. Most Major Mines are now outsourcing most of their cost centers, among them Tyres. And with good reason too. Outsourcing offers a host of benefits for the end-user in that it relieves him of many of the additional responsibilities attached to the job, allowing him to concentrate solely on what he knows best-Mining, their Core Business.
For this reason and Tyre Technocrats (India) Private Limited (TTIPL) commitment to the Mining Industry, TTIPL offers End Users who have Large OTR Fleets, that Extra Special and Value Added Service by means of:
There are Distinct BENEFITS derived from the Tyre Management Systems as follows:

Why Tyre Management?
  • Your Fleet is UNIQUE
  • Your business is COMPETITIVE
  • You are faced with the challenge of concentrating on your core business – MINING
  • You cannot afford to waste time on Non-Core activities
  • You need to control your Fleet Operating Costs
  • Tyre Management is a typical Non-Core activity for a Fleet and is really a headache
  • Due to the current Global OTR Tyre Shortage, adopting a Professional Tyre Management System is inevitably required to reduce and save the consumption of these costly tyres.

The Objectives of a Professional Tyre Management Service
  • Decrease Overall True Tyre Process Cost
  • Increase Tyre Safety
  • Increase the Overall Working Hours of Vehicles, while reducing the headaches associated with Tyres
  • Establish and Maintain a Long-Lasting relationship where both parties benefit mutually

Overall Benefits of Professional Tyre Management that TYRE TECHNOCRATS GUARANTEES.
  • Correct tools and equipment supplied
  • Correct tyre applications based on the mines' current TKPH rating
  • Accurate tyre records, tracking and performance reports for all tyres from cradle to the grave
  • Trained and competent staff available 24/7
  • Reduction in Tyre – Related Down Time
  • All preventative and salvageable tyre repairs will be conducted On-Site
  • All tyres in the Scrap heap identified as Salvageable will be repaired and fully guaranteed for use on the Fleet
  • Guaranteed reduction in Tyre Replacement Costs
  • Increase in the availability of tyres and rims as spares
  • Guaranteed reduction in the overall tyre costs with a cost-saving of 30% to 40%
  • Failure by TYRE TECHNOCRATS to achieve the above Guarantee will result in *Performance Failure Penalty Charges. This is one main "Clause" that will be stipulated in ALL our On-Site Contracts.
Tyre Management

TYRE TECHNOCRATS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED (TTIPL) takes over the Total and Complete Management & Maintenance of Mining Operators Tyres and thus Guarantees the Customer a Reduction in Overall Tyre Costs with a Cost Saving of 30% within the first Contract Year.